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More customers are choosing Aquapac because of our commitment to high quality customer service, focus on finding a solution, wide range of quality products backed by more than 40 years of experience for Australians. 

Aquapac is an Australian supplier of water treatment chemicals, including coagulants, flocculants, acids, alkalis & high quality raw materials. 


Technical Advice

Aquapac offers a full chemical blending and packing service for many of its clients. We are able to formulate new products for customers, as well as manufacture a wide range of products to customer specifications.

Jar Testing

We support the use of our products by optimising the best selection and application of our products including; coagulants, flocculents and acids / alkalis.

Product Support

With extensive experience and expertise to provide on-call technical service, Aquapac pride themselves on being problem solvers and we are able to provide and implement the 'best fit' solution for your problem.

Safe Chemical Deliveries

Our team of drivers are highly trained and licensed for delivery and supply of all products including dangerous goods.



Are you frustrated with the earthy, musty smell of the water? By proactively monitoring blue-green algae levels and monitoring yearly lake trends we can help you start controlling the algae that releases taste and odour compounds into your source water. 


Aquapac supplies chemicals and provides technical support to mining, municipal and industrial customers for water treatment solutions. Water Soluble Polymers are manufactured in Emulsion, Liquid and Powder / Bead grades to treat all aspects of water, effluent and sludge treatment. 

General Service

If Aquapac can’t be part of the solution, then were definetely part of the precipitate.

Aquapac offers a full chemical blending and packaging service for many of its clients. We are able to formulate new products for customers or produce to customer specifications for a wide range of products. 


Water Treatment

Aquapac has a range of Water Treatment solutions.


The right disinfectant for the job.

Industrial Chemicals

Industrial Chemicals to suit your needs.